Red Light Therapy

For Performance

Train Hard, Leverage Your Therapy

Training hard in any sport, or in the gym means that you need to recover well. Red light therapy beds enhance muscle performance. Increasing circulation will also help to heal the joints and aid in redeveloping muscles. When blood flow has increased there is more oxygen available to the body. Coaches who incorporate Red Light Therapy Beds in their training routine are encouraged by the improved performance of their athletes.

Train the Entire Body and Recover the Entire Body

The entire body works together as one complex machine and should be trained as such. This also means that training the body as a whole should lead to full body recovery as well. The Spectra redlight bed is designed to support recovery and healing by targeting the body as a whole for substantial results in as little as 12 minutes per session.

Stay in the Game with Spectra Red Light Therapy

Like all forms of therapy, Red Light Therapy should be used consistently for best results. Athletes can reduce recovery time after an injury or prevent what may seem like a minor injury from further worsening by using the relaxing, healing abilities of Spectra red light therapy.

Maximize Performance With Red Light Therapy

While red light therapy helps to boost physical performance, it also substantially enhances cognitive performance at the same time. 

Consistent use of Red Light Therapy helps in the following ways:

Reduced pain & inflammation, better circulation, better sleep, accelerated recovery and injury prevention.

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