Industry-Leading Red Light Therapy

Full-Body Photobiomodulation

Spectra offers industry-leading Red Light Therapy Beds (RLT). This red and near-infrared light therapy is beneficial for skin, injuries, pain, and relaxing muscles and joints.

Red light therapy is sought after by athletes around the world to enhance their athletic performance and ensure that they are functioning at their very best at all times.

Red Light Therapy Bed Benefits

Enhancing the Function of the Whole Body

Improving the sense of overall well-being is the primary reason athletes and others choose red-light therapy beds over any other type of therapy. Anyone can experience the difference this therapy makes in just 15 minutes.

Relieving Pain at the Source

Prescription medications for pain are keeping people from living their very best life. This is the primary reason so many athletes choose to use red light therapy. Drugs only cover the symptoms of pain, but red light therapy targets healing the joints and muscles at the source of the cells, reducing inflammation and pain overall.

Relaxation and Muscle Redevelopment

The redevelopment of muscles is possible with red light therapy. Muscles and joints will become relaxed and as a result, the muscles can be redeveloped as circulation is also improving. It’s an amazing two benefits at once type of therapy. Faster recovery means getting back to training as soon as possible.

What Exactly is Red Light Therapy?

The natural stimulation of cells to begin the healing process occurs with red light therapy. There are very specific wavelengths that are used to benefit specific skin conditions that often fail to improve with medication. Many of these conditions are also caused by autoimmune disorders. Red light therapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that was developed to promote the body’s natural healing abilities by stimulating and activating the body’s natural biological processes.

Efficacy of Red Light Therapy is Proven

Did you know that more than 500 human trials and lab studies totalling more than 3,900 have shown that red light therapy is fully able to do what it promises? Athletes and researchers know that they can count on Spectra to provide valuable products and valuable information to all regarding their products.

Enhancing Athletic Performance

Enhancing performance naturally is critical for athletes. This means improving the performance of muscles and naturally improving your workout and the results you get. Red light therapy will help you reach levels you never thought possible.

Why Should You Use Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy has been clinically proven to aid in the healing of injuries to the muscles and joints. Red light therapy helps to boost blood circulation, and as a result it can help the body to begin healing without the use of prescription medications that may have ill side effects. Doctors, pain clinics, spas and physical therapists have been using red light therapy since 1991 to improve their patients quality of life and help them get on a faster path to recovery.

Professional athletes have become quite fond of using red light therapy as a way to reduce the chance of injury as well as improve overall athletic performance.

How Often Can Red Light Therapy Be Used?

It’s safe to use red light therapy on a daily basis. There are no known adverse effects of using red light therapy, and it can generally be beneficial in just a single 15 minute session.

Treat the Source of Pain Rather Than Symptoms

Prescription pain medications are created to mask symptoms for those in pain. Pain medications can interrupt the signals to the brain that are communicated as healing begins. This means that the body could be healing but the brain believes it is not. Eliminate the delay in total healing with the use of red light therapy. Red light therapy will relax and redevelop the muscles.

When Athletes Can Recover As Well As They Train

Red light therapy is ideal for recovering as well as training. Preventing injury and the ability to heal injuries is important. This is what red light therapy is all about. Treat all injuries immediately before they get worse. Don’t let the small injuries become big ones.

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