A Superior Red Light Therapy Bed

Why Choose Spectra?

Research-Proven Wavelengths

Spectra red light beds are designed with the most clinically researched and proven effective wavelengths, ensuring you receive the best and most effective therapy.

Diagram of red light therapy wavelengths

Broad Spectrum Wavelengths

While other companies might cut corners by using just a couple of wavelengths, Spectra does not compromise. We utilize a broad spectrum – up to six of the most effective wavelengths simultaneously.

Diagram of Red Light wavelengths

Strong Irradiance

Our red light beds emit a robust, yet not overpowering, light intensity – a crucial factor for effective therapy.

Sunlight shining on a woman in a hammock

Verified by Third-Party Lab Testing

Spectra is the pioneer and sole red light bed company to obtain independent lab testing of irradiance and wavelengths. We believe in transparency and back our claims with third-party verification.

Spectra red light therapy bed pioneered independent lab testing of irradiance and wavelengths

Certified Red Light Beds

We are the only company to certify and commission their red light beds with a lab-certified spectroradiometer, providing measurements for both irradiance and wavelengths for each bed.

Lab-certified spectroradiometer provided measurements for Spectra Red Light Beds

Clinically-Calculated Session Times

Our red light therapy session dosing calculator, based on clinical studies, helps calculate the correct dosage, ensuring a tailor-made experience for each user.

Diagram of illustrating correct Red Light Therapy Bed dosage calculation

Customizable Pulsed Light

Advanced users seeking brainwave entrainment have the flexibility to pulse the light, offering a truly personalized therapy session.

Diagram of human brain waves for entrainment with pulsed light

Low EMF Design

Our passive EMF mitigating design minimizes potential harmful exposure, safeguarding your health.

The design to mitigate passive EMFs to minimize harmful exposure

Superior Value

Spectra offers one of the best value red light beds in the market. When compared with other commercial red light beds, Spectra shines in irradiance, spectrum, and overall value.

Spectra S6 red light therapy beds offer the best value

Comprehensive Warranty

We offer an industry-leading 6-year top-to-bottom equipment warranty, transferable and inclusive of a lifetime warranty for the LEDs to the original purchaser.

6-year warranty badge offering top-to-bottom equipment warranty

Assembled in the USA

Committed to superior quality, Spectra red light beds are designed and assembled in Millerstown, Pennsylvania.

Quality checklist illustrating superior quality of Spectra red light beds

FDA Class II Cleared

Our assembly facility and office are FDA registered and our red light beds are FDA Class II cleared, reinforcing our commitment to safety and compliance.

FDA Cleared and FDA Registered logos to reinforce Spectra's commitment to safety

Unmatched Support

Spectra provides equal support before and after the sale. From user guidance to marketing consulting and resources, we ensure you are not just a customer, but a valued partner.

"We are here to help!" our valued partners

Trade-Up Program

We offer a unique Trade Up Program, allowing Spectra owners to upgrade to a newer or advanced model anytime during their 6-year warranty.

Upgrade badge for Spectra advanced red light bed trade up program

Integrity and Commitment

At Spectra, our core values are integrity, transparency, honor, quality, value, and continued research and development. Trust in Spectra – we illuminate the path to better health.

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