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Spectra S7 Red Light Bed

Spectra S7 Red Light Bed


Spectra S10 Red Light Bed

Spectra S10 Pro Red Light Bed

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2023 Red Light Therapy Bed Buyers Guide: 15 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Buy Any Red Light Therapy Bed!

Most Advanced Light Therapy

A Detailed Comparison Between the Spectra S7 and
The Spectra S10 Pro Red Light Therapy Beds


Broad Spectrum For Optimal Therapy

Spectra S10 Wavelengths

Extensive clinical research identifies the most advantageous wavelengths between 415-660 nm (nanometers) in the visible blue, green, amber and red spectrum, and near-infrared wavelengths ranging from 810-980 nm. The near-infrared spectrum features two unique divisions: nonthermal (810-880 nm) and thermal (910-980 nm).

Both the 600-680 nm and 810-880 nm bands synergistically interact with the mitochondria (via Cytochrome C Oxidase) to generate ATP, NO, and other essential energy-producing and health-enhancing signaling molecules.

Spectra selected the clinically proven, most beneficial wavelengths based on conclusive research studies to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes.

Spectra S7 Spectra S10
7 Wavelengths
630nm, 660nm,
670nm, 810nm,
10 Wavelengths
415nm, 528nm, 605nm,
630nm, 640nm, 660nm,
810nm, 830nm, 850nm,

True Irradiance™

The First To Publish 3rd Party Lab Certified True Irradiance™

Spectra S10 True Irradiance

The critical aspect of light irradiance – the power density of red light across a specific area. It signifies the number of photons flowing through a certain space, ready to be absorbed by your cells. Measured in milliwatts per square centimeter (mW/cm²), light irradiance plays a pivotal role in red light therapy effectiveness.

By focusing solely on wavelength while overlooking power density/irradiance, you risk choosing a low-powered device that fails to deliver the desired red light benefits. If irradiance is insufficient, the device’s cellular penetration and overall efficiency will be compromised.

True Irradiance™ should be measured with a lab grade certified spectroradiometer. Every Spectra bed made is tested using our lab grade light test equipment to guarantee the specified output.

Spectra S7 Spectra S10
True Irradiance
@ 0 Inches Measured with Lab Certified Spectrometer
28-32 mW/cm2 30-34 mW/cm2

Recommended Session Time

Unlock True Potential With Shorter Red Light Therapy Sessions!

Time is indeed money, and nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of red light therapy beds. Red light bed companies provide recommended session durations based on their products’ irradiance, ensuring an optimal dose without overexposure.

Consider a traditional open style LED bed – with its irradiance level, they propose a 40-minute session, consisting of 20 minutes on each side of the body. This requires users to roll over halfway through the session.

Now, imagine the game-changing efficiencies of the S7 and S10. With a total recommended session time of just 10 to 16 minutes, you can accomplish three times as many sessions with the Spectra Red Light Beds compared to traditional LED beds.

Experience the unparalleled performance of the Spectra red light beds and make every minute count. Embrace a faster, more effective red light therapy solution and boost your revenue like never before!

Spectra S10 Session Time
Spectra S7 Spectra S10 Pro
12 – 16 min
session time
10 – 14 min
session time


Protect your investment with a comprehensive warranty

When evaluating a red light bed warranty, it is crucial to pay attention to key factors that ensure you are protected from excessive maintenance costs and potential lost revenue.

Firstly, scrutinize the warranty period, ensuring it is long enough to cover potential issues and provides a reasonable timeframe for identifying and addressing them. Most Red Light Bed manufacturers offer a 5 year warranty.

Secondly, investigate the coverage scope, confirming that it encompasses crucial components such as the LED light panels, electrical systems, and structural elements of the bed.

Thirdly, examine the terms and conditions for any hidden exclusions or limitations that may allow the manufacturer to evade responsibility. These may include strict maintenance schedules, usage limitations, or requirements for using only approved replacement parts.

Be sure to request and review the manufacturer warranty statement prior to investing in a Red Light Bed!

Spectra S7 Spectra S10 Pro
6-Year Top To Bottom
Warranty Best Warranty In Industry
6-Year Top To Bottom
Warranty Best Warranty In Industry

Explore Red Light Bed Acquisition Strategies

Acquiring a red light bed for your home or business presents various options, some of which may be a better fit for your application


With an upfront investment, you gain full ownership and control. The cost per session decreases over time, boosting profitability.

The Spectra S7 is $54,990.00, while the Spectra S10 Pro starts at $64,990.00


This option allows spreading the cost, reducing the initial financial burden but includes interest payments, increasing the bed’s overall price.

The Spectra S10 Pro offers finance options as low as $1,196/month while the Spectra S7 can be as low as $989/month!

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2023 Red Light Therapy Bed Buyers Guide: 15 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Buy Any Red Light Therapy Bed!
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